Zebra Head Mount

Zebra Head Mount
Zebra Head Mount
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Zebra Head Mount
Zebra Head Mount

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  • Example of Taxidermy Mount Shipped
  • Average Size:20Wx48H
  • Professionally Mounted
  • This Real Zebra Head will make a great attraction and conversation piece to your fireplace,game room or great room! African Game Trophies will for sure draw a crowd!
  • Requires wall stud and 2 1/2" lag bolt to hang.

    Zebras are generally thought to have white coats with black or brown stripes, according to the San Diego Zoo, because the stripes end at their bellies and the inner side of the legs, which are white. However, zebras have black skin under their white coats!

    Zebra Head Mount

    Zebra Facts: t is believed that the zebra's stripes work like camouflage, according to the National Geographic. When zebras stand together, it is harder for predators to determine how many zebras are in the group. The stripes may also make the zebra appear unattractive to smaller predators, such as bloodsucking horseflies, which can spread disease. In addition, the stripes may work as a natural sunscreen.

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