Wolf Taxidermy

Wolf Taxidermy - 010
Wolf Taxidermy - 010
Item# BHT-WT-010
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Wolf Taxidermy

  • Mounted Upon Order 4-6 weeks
  • Large Canadian Timber Wolves
  • Approx Overall Size: W. 75" D. 24" H. 36"
  • Professionally Mounted
  • Example Of Mount You Will Receive

    Timber wolves live on the continents of North America, Asia, Europe, and the northern part of Africa. They live in the wilderness, usually far away from people; however, as more land is cleared to build homes near forests, timber wolves often end up being closer to humans than they would like. One type of wolf is called the timber wolf, which is also known as the gray wolf. Although many timber wolves are gray, they can also have coats that are brown, all white, or all black. Timber wolves are between 4 and 5 1/2 feet long and can weigh anywhere from 40 to over 100 pounds.

    Ships within 4-6 Weeks On Wolf Taxidermy

  • Reviews: Did not know what to expect as I have never ordered something like this online sight on seen. But the quality and craftsmanship of this taxidermy mount is perfect in every detail. Thank You so much! H Watson - Sun Valley ID

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