World Record Bull Elk

World Record Bull Elk
World Record Bull Elk
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World Record Bull Elk
World Record Bull Elk

  • World Class Trophy Bulls
  • Example Of Mount You Will Receive - Big 6x6 Bulls
  • Email Us For Image Of Antlers We Will Use
  • Boone & Crockett 375 Class Range
  • Average Size:50" W x 60"H
  • Average from wall to nose:48"
  • Requires 1 2 1/2" lag bolt into stud to hang from.

    A mature male elk may stand over 5 and a half feet at the shoulder, and the largest will top nearly 1100 pounds. The elk is reddish brown in color, with a beautiful wedge-shaped head, and large, expressive eyes and ears. Males grow a huge pair of antlers, and have a mantle of dark fur around the neck. Females and even youngsters of some northern subspecies may also have manes.

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