Wolf Hat With Paws

Wolf Hat With Paws
Wolf Hat With Paws
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Wolf Hat With Paws
Wolf Hat With Paws

  • Custom Made Upon Order
  • Mountain Man Hat
  • Made In Alaska
  • Made With Full Pelt
  • Wolf Hat With Ears and Paws

    Theses mountain man hats are made for practicality & function in mind. There is just one word for these hats...Awesome! Made with a variety of wolf furs these wolf hats with ears and paws are for any occasion, whether it is Rendezvous time or just strutting your stuff down the street. Also looks great hanging on the hat tree! Lined with a cotton faced quilted lining.

    Wolf Hat With Paws

    Many mountain man hats are constructed with "ears" and a flap reaching down to the shoulders, while others are of a shape defying description. Most of the Rendevous Mountain Man Fur Hats are made using the face, legs and tail, which are so popular at modern rendezvous. This wolf hat is made with genuine Wolf Fur including ears and paws with full wolf skin and tail!

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