Buffalo Art Prints

Buffalo Art Prints - Range Boss
Buffalo Art Prints - Range Boss
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Buffalo Art Prints

  • Range Boss.
  • Comes Matted and Framed, Size 24x30
  • All Prints have 100% Acid Free Framing.
  • Double mat to complement print's hues.
  • Single strength clear glass.
  • Engraved solid brass title plate. (On pieces 20x24 and larger)
  • Acid free backer on limited edition prints.
  • Solid oak molding with stain to enhance grain pattern.
  • Pre-drilled for hanging kit. (Kit is included with each framed piece).

    Almost photographic in his realism. Manuel Mansanarez has a way with paint and wildlife art prints. Can you hear the sound of the running water? His attention to detail makes Manuel Mansanarez one of the most sought-after artists of our time.

    Buffalo Art Prints

    In the 1800's the great Buffalo herds measured up to 60 million animals, they are on the comeback with the help of Buffalo ranches. Grazers. They prefer river valleys, grassy plains or parkland savanna near water. Bulls are massive with broad bases, and the horns of the bull is larger. Record length for normal horns of a bull measured 142,88mm from outer curve to outer curve. Males are blackish in color; cows and calves are darker, reddish-brown. Herds of more than a thousand head have been observed in the Yellowstone National Park.

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