Topi Antelope Mounts

Topi Antelope Mounts
Topi Antelope Mounts
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Topi Antelope Mounts

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  • Average Size: W. 17″ D. 30″ H. 41″
  • This Topi Antelope Mounts For Sale is newly mounted by a professional taxidermist using the most modern procedures today for the finest mount possible.

    The topi is a medium-sized antelope with a striking reddish-brown to purplish-red coat that is glossy, even iridescent in bright sunlight. Distinct black patches appear on the face, the upper forelegs and on the hips and thighs. To complete its singular appearance, the topi's yellowish-tan legs look like they are encased in stockings.

    Although not quite as large as its relative the hartebeest (kongoni), the topi has a similar body shape. But it does not have such a long narrow head nor is it as high at the shoulder. The female is usually lighter in color than the male. Both sexes have thick, heavily ringed, lyre-shaped horns about 21 inches long. Topis have good sight and hearing and can run quite fast with a bounding gait.

    Topi Antelope Mounts

    Topis are exceptionally gregarious and live in herds of 15 to 20, although in some places, it is possible to see herds of hundreds. They have a remarkable social organization that is linked to the geographic and seasonal distribution of food. In some areas of the Serengeti and the Mara, topis have large territories within a home range, occupied throughout the year by a male and a small breeding herd of females. Both males and the females cooperate in defending the territory against strange topis of either sex.

    In other areas, female topis form large herds that move across the territories of many different males. In this social system, the male's territory is small and unoccupied throughout the year. Each male has his "stomping ground," a patch of trampled bare earth upon which he stands. He defines his territory by depositing dung in a series of places, marking grass stems with his scent from the preorbital face glands and standing for long periods on a prominent place, where he can easily be seen by other topis. If another male intrudes upon his territory, the two go down on their knees and fight with their horns, pushing each other to and fro.

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