Taxidermy Wolf Mounts

Taxidermy Wolf Mounts - 008
Taxidermy Wolf Mounts - 008
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Taxidermy Wolf Mounts

  • Mounted Upon Order 4-6 weeks
  • Large Canadian Timber Wolves
  • Overall Size: W. 75" D. 24" H. 36"
  • Professionally Mounted
  • Example Of Mount You Will Receive

    Gray wolves are carnivorous -- they primarily eat meat. Wolves often hunt in packs for large prey such as deer, moose, sheep, goats, caribou, elk, bison, and muskox. Wolves also prey on rodents, beavers, fish, and birds.

    Taxidermy Wolf Mounts

    Facts: Gray wolves are one of the most wide ranging land animals. They occupy a wide variety of habitats, from arctic tundra to forest, prairie, and arid landscapes. Hunting and habitat destruction have caused a steep decline in populations. Gray wolves are now found only in a few areas of Canada and the United States.

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