Turkey Taxidermy Mounts

Turkey Taxidermy Mounts
Turkey Taxidermy Mounts
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Turkey Taxidermy Mounts
Turkey Taxidermy Mounts

  • Northern Turkey
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  • Wild Turkey Taxidermy Mount

    Our Mounts are mounted upon order. They are not estate sales second hand taxidermy mounts!

    Turkey Facts

    The English name of the bird may be a holdover from early shipping routes that passed through the country of Turkey on their way to delivering the birds to European markets. Male Wild Turkeys provide no parental care. Newly hatched chicks follow the female, who feeds them for a few days until they learn to find food on their own. As the chicks grow, they band into groups composed of several hens and their broods. Winter groups sometimes exceed 200 turkeys.

    Turkey Taxidermy Mounts

    We have the best in Full Body Wild Turkey Taxidermy Mounts Nationwide. As Wild Turkey numbers dwindled through the early twentieth century, people began to look for ways to reintroduce this valuable game bird. Initially they tried releasing farm turkeys into the wild but those birds didnít survive. In the 1940s, people began catching wild birds and transporting them to other areas. Such transplantations allowed Wild Turkeys to spread to all of the lower 48 states (plus Hawaii) and parts of southern Canada.

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