Ruffed Grouse Taxidermy Mount

Ruffed Grouse Taxidermy Mount - Rocky Mountain
Ruffed Grouse Taxidermy Mount - Rocky Mountain
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Ruffed Grouse Taxidermy Mount

  • Rocky Mountain Grouse - Blue
  • Mounted Upon Order
  • Professionally Mounted
  • Species: Ruffed Grouse.
  • Includes Mounted Taxidermy On Base.
  • All Game Bird Mounts come with Federal Transfer Slip.

    Ruffed Grouse Facts: Blue Grouse (recently split to two species, the Sooty Grouse and Dusky Grouse)are the second largest grouse in North America (the largest grouse is the sage grouse). Males can weigh up to three pounds and females and juveniles about two pounds. Males are a slate-gray or blue-gray, while females are more mottled brown. Both sexes have a pale gray band on their rounded or fan-shaped tail, however the band is more distinct in males. White markings are present on the flanks and under the tail feathers. Feathering extends to the base of the middle toe. The eye comb of the male is yellow to orange and the females have smaller areas of bare skin over the eyes. Males have white feathers surrounding the cervical sacs while the white feathers and cervical sacs are absent in females.

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