Reedbuck Antelope Mount

Reedbuck Antelope Mount
Reedbuck Antelope Mount
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Reedbuck Antelope Mount

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  • This Reedbuck Antelope Mount For Sale is newly mounted by a professional taxidermist using the most modern procedures today for the finest mount possible.

    An elegant antelope of Africa’s grasslands, the southern reedbuck can be identified by the distinctive dark lines that run down the front of each of its forelegs and lower hind legs . The colour of its coat varies between light brown to greyish-brown, often turning lighter on the neck and chest. White fur defines the underparts and area around the lips and chin, while a distinctive black patch below each ear is the site of a gland.

    Reedbuck Antelope Mount

    The short, bushy tail is white on its underside. Male and female southern reedbucks can be easily distinguished as only the males bear forward-curving horns, which measure between 30 and 45 centimetres, and are ridged for most of their length except for the smooth tips. At the base of the horns is a band of pale, rubbery tissue, a feature which is unique to the reedbucks of the genus Redunca. The southern reedbuck makes a number of characteristic noises, including a piercing whistle through the nostrils, and a distinctive ‘popping’ sound, caused by the inguinal glands, heard when the southern reedbuck jumps.

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