Quail Mounts

Quail Mounts - Blue Scaled 2
Quail Mounts - Blue Scaled 2
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Quail Mounts

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  • Species: Blue Scaled Quail.
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    Blue Scaled Quail live year-round in desert grasslands and shrublands of the Southwest, including open plains, hills, mesas, sagebrush, and pinyon-juniper woodlands up to about 7,000 feet elevation. Gambel's Quail and Northern Bobwhite tend to use denser or shrubbier habitats that Scaled Quail, in places where they overlap.

    Quail Mounts

    The ground nest of the Scaled Quail is a depression lined with grass stems and leaves. Both males and females construct the nest, which is around 3 inches deep and 9 inches across.

    Scaled Quails hide their nests on the ground within dense vegetation. Nest sites include yucca plants, small bushes, potato patches, honey mesquite, packrat mounds, dead Russian thistle, sand sagebrush, acacia, and other desert herbs and shrubs soapweed, and overhanging rocks.

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