Pintail Duck Mount

Pintail Duck Mount - 040
Pintail Duck Mount - 040
Item# TTS-040
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Pintail Duck Mount

  • Mounted Upon Order
  • Professionally Mounted
  • Species: Pintail.
  • Includes Mounted Waterfowl Taxidermy On Base.
  • All Mounts are Captive Reared and come with Federal Transfer Slip.

    Pintail Facts: Slim and long-necked, the Northern Pintail has a distinctive silhouette. The male is easy to identify by his striking markings and long tail, but even the female can be recognized by her graceful, long-necked shape.

    Pintail Duck Mount

    The female has a tan head and neck. The female's feathers are spotted tan and she has a dark brown back and body. The feathers on the females belly are lighter. Her bill is gray-blue with small black spots.The Northern Pintail migrates. It spends winters from as far south as Panama and flies as far north as Alaska and the Great Lakes. The Pintail's habitat is in marshes, lakes, ponds and sheltered coasts. It winters on bodies of water near agricultural land.

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