Pheasant Taxidermy

Pheasant Taxidermy - A2
Pheasant Taxidermy - A2
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Pheasant Taxidermy

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  • Species: Ringneck Pheasant Mounts
  • Includes Mounted Waterfowl Taxidermy On Base.
  • All Upland Game Bird Mounts are Captive Reared and come with Federal Transfer Slip.

    Pheasant Taxidermy

    Males (also known as "cocks") establish harems of hens—as many as a dozen female birds. Each spring a male delineates and defends his territory and his harem from aggressive rivals. Such encounters can lead to vicious battles.

    The birds prefer fields and farmlands with brushy cover, though they also inhabit woodland undergrowth and some wetlands. Females nest in fields or in border habitat and lay a dozen or more eggs, which they incubate with no help from the cock. Young pheasants grow up quickly and can fly within two weeks. They will remain with their mother for six or seven weeks. Many pheasant eggs are destroyed by predators or by humans (particularly in farm country), and young birds also have a high mortality rate.

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