Otter Taxidermy Mounts

Otter Taxidermy Mounts
Otter Taxidermy Mounts
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Otter Taxidermy Mounts

  • River Otter on Full Body Mount on Base
  • Overall Size: W. 26″ D. 15″ H. 26″
  • Heavy Winter Fur Canada

    Facts: The North American River Otter is the only river otter found north of Mexico. Its luscious pelt, which is waterproof and allows the river otter to regulate its temperature, was also a staple of the French fur trade in the 1700-1800s, has drawn hunters for hundreds of years.

    Otter Taxidermy Mounts

    River otters can be found in streams, lakes, reservoirs, wetlands and along marine coasts in all states and territories of the United States and Canada. River otters are being reintroduced in the Rocky Mountain region to counter the population decrease in the 1800s.

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