Rustic Moose Paintings

Rustic Moose Paintings - Shallow Waters
Rustic Moose Paintings - Shallow Waters
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Rustic Moose Paintings

  • Moose Framed Art
  • Comes Matted and Framed, Size 25x34
  • All Prints have 100% Acid Free Framing.
  • Double mat to complement print's hues.
  • Single strength clear glass.
  • Engraved solid brass title plate. (On pieces 20x24 and larger)
  • Acid free backer on limited edition prints.
  • Solid oak molding with stain to enhance grain pattern.
  • Pre-drilled for hanging kit. (Kit is included with each framed piece).

    Almost photographic in his realism. Manuel Mansanarez has a way with paint and wildlife prints. Can you hear the sound of the running water? Can you see the sunlight dancing on the snowcapped mountains? His attention to detail makes Manuel Mansanarez one of the most sought-after wildlife and Moose Framed Art - artists of our time.

    Rustic Moose Paintings

    Only bulls grow antlers. Antler growth begins in March or April and is completed by August or September when the velvet is shed. Antlers are dropped starting in November; young bulls may retain their antlers into early spring. Yearlings develop a spike or fork; adults develop antlers that may weigh up to 40 pounds with wide sweeping palms with many long tines. The bell the flap of skin and long hair that hangs from the throat, is more pronounced in adult bulls than in cows or immature bulls. Moose occur in Alaska, Canada, northern U.S. from Washington across to northern New England, and the northern Rockies south to Utah. Prior to European settlement moose were more common than deer in New Hampshire; their range extended from the Canadian border to the seacoast. By the mid-1800's fewer than15 moose existed in the state. The small number and loss of habitat slowed the recovery of the moose population. The moose herd didn't begin to rebound noticeably until the early 1970s. By this time, abandoned farmlands and changes in forest practices created a mosaic of mature and young re-growing forests providing excellent moose habitat. Today moose occur in all ten counties, with the highest densities in the Great North Woods. During a year, moose home ranges vary from less than one square mile to more than 25, depending on the season.

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