Mountain Man Buffalo Coat

Mountain Man Buffalo Coat - Authentic 1890
Mountain Man Buffalo Coat - Authentic 1890
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Mountain Man Buffalo Coat

  • This is a authentic 1890"Western Memoriabilia Collectors Dream"
  • In very good condition, shows a few wear areas in the inner lining, but overall outside coat in excellant condition for this period in time.
  • Fits an XL man. Size 46 - 48
  • Bison Fur Coat Full length coat, comes down to the knees

    Buffalo Fur Coat From 1890. These Coats Were Worn By The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and U.S. Calvary in Montana,Wyoming,North Dakota and South Dakota from 1870 - 1900. The Coat Is Fully Lined And Has 4 Buttons With Loops And 4 On Other Side In The Front, A Large Collar And 2 Front Pockets. There Is No Size But It Probably Is A Extra Large, fits a man 6 ft and up to 230 lbs. It Has Been Very Well Preserved, Excellent Antique Condition. Very Wearable With One Noticeable tear on inside bottom.Small.

    Mountain Man Buffalo Coat

    When hearing about vintage authentic buffalo fur coats and the US Army some people might think about the Buffalo Soldiers. Buffalo Soldiers was the nickname given to African American troops in the 9th ,10th , 27th and 28th Cavalry regiments and the 24th and 25th Infantry regiments, all stationed in forts throughout the west during the 19th century. Various theories offer possible explanations for the Buffalo Soldiers nickname. Some say the Indians compared the hair of the African American soldiers to the shaggy, curly black hair of the buffalo. Others theorize that the Indians saw the dark-skinned soldiers in their long buffalo coats and made the obvious parallel, calling them Buffalo Soldiers. Whatever theory might be correct as to why Buffalo Soldiers got their nickname, it can be conclusively proven that they indeed wore buffalo coats, because there is a famous historical photograph of Buffalo Soldiers at Fort Keogh in Montana, ca. 1890, wearing bison fur coats.

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