Life Size Mountain Lion Mounts

Life Size Mountain Lion Mounts - GMT1
Life Size Mountain Lion Mounts - GMT1
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Life Size Mountain Lion Mounts

  • This Beautiful Mountain Lion comes with this Spectacular Base.
  • Average Size:7'L x 30"H
  • Professionally Mounted
  • Beautiful Base Included
  • These beautifully Mounted Mountain Lions will make a great attraction and conversation piece to your fireplace,game room or great room!

    Cannot Ship To California & Alaska

    Life Size Mountain Lion Mounts

    Facts: Cougars are muscular yet somewhat short. Their stocky limbs end in large paws with retractable claws. Capable of climbing, cougars will retreat to the relative safety of trees to flee from potential danger such as: humans, wolves, and dogs. The Cougarís paw prints (pug marks) are identified by four toe marks and a characteristic tri-lobed heel pad; claw marks are not usually present. Cougars are not great distance runners or excellent sprinters (as is the cheetah) but lope at a fairly even, long-striding pace. Their long tail is used to counterbalance their movements making them graceful.

    Ships within 6 weeks Life Size Mountain Lion Mounts

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