Mountain Lion Mount

Mountain Lion Mount - 205
Mountain Lion Mount - 205
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Mountain Lion Mount - 205
Mountain Lion Mount

  • This Beautiful Mountain Lion comes with this Spectacular Base.
  • Application: Wall Mount
  • Average Size:7'L x 48"H
  • Professionally Mounted
  • Beautiful Base Included
  • These beautifully Mounted Mountain Lions will make a great attraction and conversation piece to your fireplace,game room or great room!

    Cannot Ship To California & Alaska

    Mountain Lion Mount

    Facts:Mountain lions are typically an ambush predator, stalking their prey before finding the opportunity to leap on its back and deliver a suffocating neck bite. After a successful kill of a large animal, a mountain lion will typically drag the carcass to a spot where it can be covered with brush. It will then return to feed over a period of days. Mountain lions will leave a carcass after it begins to spoil. This means that during hot weather, they may have to kill 2 or more deer per week due to spoiling of the meat.

    Ships within 6 weeks Mountain Lion Mount

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