Moose Head Mount

Moose Head Mount - Double Beamed
Moose Head Mount - Double Beamed
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Moose Head Mount - Double Beamed
Moose Head Mount

  • Replica Reproduction Antlers. Casted From World Record!
  • Real Moose Skin
  • Antler Width:67 Inches x 35 inches High
  • State Taken: Alaska
  • Sores - Non-Typical 315 1/8
  • Description: Shoulder Mounted Moose with Reproduction World Class Antlers.

    We had never heard of a double beamed moose antler before we saw this spectacular item! The score sheet has been sent to Boone & Crockett to see if a new non-typical moose category will be created for it. We are proud to be the first to offer this very, very rare opportunity!

    With an antler measurement of 67 inches wide and 35 inches high, our Moose Head Mount-Double Beamed is cast from a world record animal taken in Alaska. This Moose shoulder mounted moose with reproduction world class antlers is a possible new non-typical moose category entry and has been sent to Boone & Crockett for further evaluation. This is a very rare opportunity to display one of the world’s greatest natural wonders. Our Double Beamed Moose Head Mount is a show stopper.

    Statistically, the vast majority of hunters in the world will never harvest a true trophy animal. It usually is a once in a lifetime experience for a very lucky hunter. For those who are fortunate enough to take an exceptionally fine specimen, antler/horn replication is a way to share and protect their personal trophy. For the hunting enthusiast, a replica is a way to appreciate these fine animals. Replicas are the next best thing to the actual trophy itself.

    Antlers products are made of the finest quality polyurethane resin available. Not all polyurethanes are the same. Lesser quality resins tend to be inconsistent, discolor easily to UV rays, are brittle and break easily. The resin we have found is shipped halfway across America because this type is the best suited to our purposes. It is durable, resists breakage and accepts color very well, producing consistent superior results.

    Moose Head Mount

    There are four basic types of resins available, polyester, urethanes, high density foams and epoxies. We have experimented will all four types and at various levels of quality. All trials showed vastly superior results with a high quality polyurethane resin.

    All resins come with their own set of specifications and characteristics. The more rigid a resin is, the more fragile it becomes when subjected to hard blows or being dropped. The resin that is used by us has a degree of flexibility to it. This helps the final product to better withstand accidental drops and bumps. Yet it still contains enough rigidity to maintain the original shape of the antlers. Although no resin is break proof, Antlers resin products have shown better durability than other types of resin used in the marketplace.

    If an Antler resin product is left outside in direct sunlight for a lengthy period of time, some yellowing will occur. This is true for almost all types of resin materials. However, the resin used in our products has shown greater resistance to yellowing than most resins. It contains an additive that is UV resistant. We do not recommend our products to be used in any type of outdoor application. In our own corporate indoor facility, many replicas have shown no sign of yellowing over years of being displayed. To date, we have not received one complaint from any client about yellowing.

    All coloring is done by on-staff artists, by hand, using art quality oil paints. The secret to a beautiful realistic colored replica is not the paint, but how skillfully it is applied. Color fastness is achieved through the quality resin used and a UV resistant clear coat sealer that is applied to the finished surface.

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