Moose Head For Sale

Moose Head For Sale - Alaskan 01
Moose Head For Sale - Alaskan 01
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Moose Head For Sale

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  • Example of Taxidermy Mount Shipped
  • These Taxidermy Mounts will make a great attraction and conversation piece to your fireplace or great room!
  • This is an example of the moose mount that you will receive - To request and image of the actual moose antlers that we will use for your mount, please call us or email a request!
  • Spieces: Canadian Moose
  • Average Size:55"Antler Spread
  • Average from wall to nose:30" to 36"
  • Requires 1 2 1/2" lag bolt into stud to hang from.

    Bull moose have big antlers that often reach spans of 1.5 metres. The antlers begin growing in midsummer and are soft and spongy at the start. By late August or early September, when the antlers are fully developed, they are hard and bony—perfect for jousting as bulls compete for mates.

    Moose live in the boreal forest and are found along the margins of lakes, muskegs and streams. They are powerful swimmers, sometimes diving several metres to feed on plants at the bottom of a lake. Swimming also helps moose escape biting bugs, such as mosquitos, and cool off in summer. Despite the moose's large size and broad antlers, it can travel silently through the forest. The moose's eyesight is poor, but they compensate for it with a good sense of smell and hearing.

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