Moose Head For Sale

Moose Head For Sale - Alaskan 01
Moose Head For Sale - Alaskan 01
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Moose Head For Sale - Alaskan 01
Moose Head For Sale

  • Replica Reproduction Antlers. Casted From World Record!
  • Real Moose Skin
  • Antler Width:70 Inches
  • Scores B&C 230
  • State Taken: Alaska
  • Description: Shoulder Mounted Moose with Reproduction World Class Antlers.

    Statistically, the vast majority of hunters in the world will never harvest a true trophy animal. It usually is a once in a lifetime experience for a very lucky hunter. For those who are fortunate enough to take an exceptionally fine specimen, antler/horn replication is a way to share and protect their personal trophy. For the hunting enthusiast, a moose head wall mount replica is a way to appreciate these fine animals. Replicas are the next best thing to the actual trophy itself.

    Moose Head For Sale

    Cast from a World Record set of 65-inch antlers taken in Alaska, this shoulder mounted moose head for sale is a true representation of a once-in-a-lifetime experience for a lucky hunter. Antler replication is a great way for hunters to share and protect their trophy. For the hunting enthusiast, there’s no better way to appreciate these 65-inch Alaskan Moose Antlers than to own this top quality replica. This shoulder mounted moose is an expert Trophy Taxidermy Animal Mount perfect for a great room or fireplace area.

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