Mens Mukluks

Mens Mukluks -  Womens - Otter
Mens Mukluks - & Womens - Otter
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Mens Mukluks -  Womens - Otter
Mens Mukluks

  • Traditional Mukluks - Custom Made
  • Tops are 17" High
  • Made In Alaska
  • These handmade mukluks will last a good 10 or more years!
  • These are natural materials and every boot is a bit different, even if made from the same materials.
  • River Otter Mukluks with Wolf Ruff and Otter Trim
  • These Alaskan mukluks are rated to -50 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • All have a sheepskin liner that is removable, along with an extra insole for warmth.
  • Soles are double tough and have a 1/4 rubber sole.
  • Mukluk sizing is true to size for men and 1 size big for women. (Ladies, order the next size down from your normal shoe size.)

    Mens Mukluks

    Facts: Inuit Traditional Mukluks design has stood the test of time; not only are Alaskan Mukluks still being made and worn in many areas today, but they have also passed into the American mainstream, and both Eskimo and Inuit mucluks are commonplace now. Mukluks are also getting trendier recently (bizarrely enough, woman are wearing mukluks with Alaskan Fur Hats. Real Canadian Mukluks are now a fashion trend in all northern areas of winter games! In light of all this, if you are looking to buy mukluks that were actually handmade by Alaskans, you need go no further. Your store for Alaskan Fur Clothing!

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    The traditional Eskimo Clothing and Inuit Mukluks system developed and used by the Eskimo peoples is the most effective cold weather clothing in Alaskan Mukluks developed to date. Inuit women made "Handmade Mukluks For Sale" and clothing and footwear from animal skins (especially hide and fur of marine and land mammals for fur clothing), traditional mukluks were sewn together using needles made from animal bones, walrus ivory, and bird bones such as front part of a crane's foot and threads made from other animal products, such as sinew.