Indian Buffalo Hides

Indian Buffalo Hides - Painted Black War Bonnet
Indian Buffalo Hides - Painted Black War Bonnet
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Indian Buffalo Hides

  • Tribe: Lakota Sioux
  • Native American Indian Made
  • Size:Approx 5x6 ft
  • Heavey Winter Bison Robe

    This war bonnet design is a stylized view of the familiar eagle feather headdress - when seen from behind, the feathers form a circular, sunburst pattern.

    Black is the dominant color of the Black War Bonnet design and in historical Native American culture, black can mean danger, death and intense spiritual devotion.

    Indian Buffalo Hides

    The white present in this design represents life after death, the spirit world of ancestors and past warriors. Red is the sacred color of life, the color of blood; it lends its name to the Red Road, the path of proper conduct.

    Take your rustic American themed décor to the next level with this Indian Buffalo Hide Painted Black War Bonnet. From the American Indian Lakota Sioux tribe, this 5 by 6-foot heavy winter bison robe is a genuine representation of the war bonnet design. The combination of symbols collected in this beautiful Indian Buffalo Hide Painted Black War Bonnet represents a promise that its owner will not travel from this life into the next until their proper time, marking the wearer as a fierce warrior. At home in a room with a american plains indian bison hide, this authentic Indian Buffalo Hide is an ideal addition to a rustic themed home or business.

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