Howling Coyote Mount

Howling Coyote Mount - 740
Howling Coyote Mount - 740
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Howling Coyote Mount

  • Features:Howling Coyote on natural base
  • Size:Average 30x30x30H
  • Professionally Mounted
  • Base Included

    Coyotes form strong family groups. In spring, females den and give birth to litters of three to twelve pups. Both parents feed and protect their young and their territory. The pups are able to hunt on their own by the following fall.

    Howling Coyote Mount

    Facts: Coyotes are smaller than wolves and are sometimes called prairie wolves or brush wolves. They communicate with a distinctive call, which at night often develops into a raucous canine chorus.Researchers have long known the coyote as a master of adaptation, but studies over the past few years are now revealing how these unimposing relatives of wolves and dogs have managed to succeed where many other creatures have suffered. Coyotes have flourished in part by exploiting the changes that people have made to the environment, and their opportunism goes back thousands of years.

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