Walleye Replicas For Sale

Walleye Replicas For Sale
Walleye Replicas For Sale
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Walleye Replicas For Sale
Walleye Replicas For Sale

  • Species - Walleye Taxidermy Mounts
  • Length - 20" - 29
  • Plaque Optional
  • Professionally Mounted
  • Realistic Freshwater Fish Wall Mount Replicas

    The walleye is named for its pearlescent eye, which is caused by a reflective layer of pigment called the tapetum lucidum, that helps them see and feed at night or in murky water.

    Walleye Replicas For Sale

    Facts: The walleye is the biggest member of the perch family and is a very common freshwater game fish. On average, they measure 10 to 18 inches long and weigh 1 to 3 pounds, yet can grow to be well over this size. Walleye are olive and gold in color fading to a white underside. They have large dark spots on their back and smaller dark spots on their fins. This fish has a large mouth filled with many razor-sharp teeth.

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