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Fish Wall Mounts - Muskie
Fish Wall Mounts - Muskie
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Fish Wall Mounts - Muskie
Fish Wall Mounts

  • Species - Muskie
  • Length - 45" - 46
  • Plaque Optional
  • Professionally Mounted
  • Realistic Freshwater Fish Wall Mount Replicas

    With its intense swimming speeds, it is a truly incredible fish. The Muskellunge (Esox masquinongy), more commonly known as The Muskie, is the largest member of the pike family.

    Fish Wall Mounts

    Facts: Muskies are native only to North America, with the bulk of the population in the Midwest and southern Canada. Wisconsin made the muskie its state fish in 1955, and the waters around Hayward still produce many of the biggest fish each year. However, stocking programs have increased the range east to Maine and west to the Rockies. Tiger muskies, hybrids created by crossing musky with pike, have also been widely stocked across the country; because tiger muskies grow very fast, they are popular with both anglers and fisheries managers.

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