Fiberglass Fish Replicas

Fiberglass Fish Replicas - German Brown Trout
Fiberglass Fish Replicas - German Brown Trout
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Fiberglass Fish Replicas - German Brown Trout
Fiberglass Fish Replicas

  • Species - German Brown Trout
  • Length - 21 - 27
  • Plaque Optional
  • Professionally Mounted
  • Fish Wall Mounts

    Brown trout are one of the most genetically diverse vertebrates known. There is far more genetic variation present across British populations of wild brown trout than between any populations in the entire human race.

    Fiberglass Fish Replicas

    Facts:A strong fighter, but not as acrobatic as a rainbow. It is the wariest of all trout; big ones feed only at night. They are a cautious fish. They utilize the turbulent river environment for concealment, making them difficult to catch. Browns can be taken with a variety of dry flies, nymphs, streamers, artificial flies, spoons and plugs. But many of the biggest ones are caught on live bait, especially night-crawlers and large minnows. Brown trout are best fished at dusk or early dawn. Due to the diverse conditions different brown trout populations live in, many forms of angling are productive, but two of the more popular are fly fishing and trolling.

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