Eskimo Style Mukluks

Eskimo Style Mukluks
Eskimo Style Mukluks
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Eskimo Style Mukluks
Eskimo Style Mukluks

  • Tops are 17" High
  • Suede Boots with Domestic Rabbit
  • Made with various colors of rabbit and suede.
  • Our boots are fully lined with faux fur, extra 1" insole and are double lined with wool from the ankle down, for comfort and warmth.
  • There is a 1/4" rubber sole on the bottoms which makes them wearable thru all kinds of weather.
  • Water resistant and rated to 0 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Great for around town or after skiing.
  • Sizes 5-14 other sizes upon request.

    Eskimo Style Mukluks

    The clothes, mitts and boots worn by the Inuit tribe were made from fur and animal skins. To keep warm they tended to wear layers of clothes which were topped by thick, heavy, fur-lined hooded coats called Parkas. Short-waisted inner parkas were worn with long, narrow back tails, and wrist-length sleeves. The Inuit wore fitted clothing in contrast with the loosely hung garments of other regions. The parkas worn by Inuit women were distinguished by elongated hoods, and exaggerated, pointed shoulders, they were also made large enough so a woman could carry an infant. Snow shoes were an important article of clothing. A soft and supple Inuit boots, called Mukluks, usually made from sealskin, were also worn by the Inuit.

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    The traditional Eskimo Clothing and Inuit Mukluks system developed and used by the Eskimo peoples is the most effective cold weather clothing in Alaskan Mukluks developed to date. Inuit women made "Handmade Mukluks For Sale" and clothing and footwear from animal skins (especially hide and fur of marine and land mammals for fur clothing), traditional mukluks were sewn together using needles made from animal bones, walrus ivory, and bird bones such as front part of a crane's foot and threads made from other animal products, such as sinew.