Elk Hide Rug

Elk Hide Rug
Elk Hide Rug
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Elk Hide Rug

  • Approx Overall Size: W. 81″ L. 102″
  • Professionally Tanned

    With an average size of 25-30 square feet, our Elk Hide Rugs are beautiful trophies waiting for a place in your home. These authentic commercially tanned elk hides with hair are easy to care for and add rustic flair to any living space. Hang our elk skin rugs with hair on the wall for texture and depth or display draped over furniture or as a luxurious fireplace rug. Elk hides require the same careful maintenance as any authentic animal skin rug, but with proper care will be a valued family heirloom. When measuring your space, plan a 5-foot by about 6.5-foot area for the Elk Hide Rug.

  • Reviews: Really happy with this elk hide rug from this company. Great addition to our trophy room! B Griffin - Texas

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