Elk Head Mounts

Elk Head Mounts - 6x6
Elk Head Mounts - 6x6
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Elk Head Mounts - 6x6
Elk Head Mounts

  • Big 6x6 Bull
  • Average Size:50" W x 60"H
  • Average from wall to nose:48"
  • Requires 1 2 1/2" lag bolt into stud to hang from.

    These Wildlife Mounts will make a great attraction and conversation piece to your fireplace or great room!

    Our amazing 6x6 Elk Head Mounts offer a gorgeous representation of live Bull Elk. With antlers and skin from actual Bull Elks, these mounts feature beautiful glass eyes, clay eyelids, epoxy or wax sculpted nose and soft tissues, and a polyurethane foam form that offers impeccable detail. Our Taxidermy Mounts are pure works of art by professional taxidermists. The Wapiti or Cervus Canadensis species are the largest of the deer family and make impressive wall mounts.

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