Mandarin Duck Mounts

Mandarin Duck Mounts - Mandarin WT4
Mandarin Duck Mounts - Mandarin WT4
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Mandarin Duck Mounts

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  • Species: Mandarin.
  • Includes Mounted Waterfowl Taxidermy On Base.
  • All Mounts are Captive Reared and come with Federal Transfer Slip.

    Mandarin duck is a close relative of North American Wood duck. This beautiful bird can be found in Eastern Asia, China, Russia, Europe and certain parts of North America. Mandarin duck can survive in various habitats. It usually inhabits areas near lakes, ponds and rivers, but it can be also found in broadleaf and coniferous forests and near the urban areas. Number of Mandarin ducks in the wild decreased due to habitat loss as a result of deforestation. Pouching is another factor which affects number of Mandarin ducks in the wild. Even though its population is greatly reduced, Mandarin duck is not on the list of endangered species.

    Mandarin Duck Mounts

    Facts: Mandarin ducks usually feed during dawn and at dusk. They spend most of the rest of the day perching atop trees near the water bodies. Their wings are large compared to their body sizes, and hence they are able to swiftly take off from the water during times of danger. The males make whistling sounds or grunts, while females producer softer vocal tones.

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