Mandarin Duck Mount

Mandarin Duck Mount - WT2
Mandarin Duck Mount - WT2
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Mandarin Duck Mount

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  • Species: Mandarin.
  • Includes Mounted Waterfowl Taxidermy On Base.
  • All Mounts are Captive Reared and come with Federal Transfer Slip.

    Few other birds don such a dramatic and colorful costume for breeding as the male Mandarin Duck! Some say these ducks are showy and gaudy, but I think they are gorgeous! Mandarin Duck|Los Angeles Arboretum|Arcadia, CA Mandarin Ducks are relatives of another beautiful duck, the Wood duck.

    Mandarin Duck Mount

    Facts: Mandarin and Wood ducks are the only ducks that have silver-white on the leading edge of their flight feathers. The male Mandarin Duck has an overall “golden” appearance. He sports a long blue, green and copper crest which droops down his neck. A white area of feathers curve around his dark eyes, and tapers to a thin line at the tip of his crest.

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