Mountain Man Sculpture

Down From High Lonesome - Mountain Man
Down From High Lonesome - Mountain Man
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Mountain Man Sculpture

  • Height - 25 Inches x 11.5 W x 18D
  • Weight - 12.5 lbs

    Coming down from the high country, or high lonesome as it was sometimes referred to by those who live in the mountains, this mountain man dressed in his finest leather and fur, his rifle across his saddle, approaches the site of the gathering of mountain men known as the Rendezvous.

    Mountain Man Sculpture

    What are our sculptures made of?
    All our sculptures begin from an original made of plasticine, the result of an artistsí sculpting and re-sculpting soft clay. From these originals, first-generation models are created. Each sculpture is sectioned into a myriad of component parts and placed into molds for the creation of individual cavities. Our sculptures are made from one or any combination of different materials. Such materials can be categorized by bronze, pewter, Lucite, acrylic, porcelain, resin and wood.

    Exactly What is Mixed Media?
    It is a combination of various fine metals such as lost wax bronze, fine pewter, brass, copper, 24 karat gold vermeil and various hot torched acid patinas such as black nickel, rose copper, and turquoise, to highlight the sculpture. In addition, the sculpture may contain embellishments such as Lucite.

    How Are The Sculptures Made?
    The original sculpture is delivered to the foundry by the artist in the form of plasticine. Working models are created from the originals by our master mold makers. In the old world tradition, the master mold is then created. Once the mold is complete, molten metal is poured into the cavities in the mold and left to cool to room temperature. Each part is then removed from the mold, cleaned, assembled, and hand tooled until it looks exactly as the artist created it. The sculpture then goes through numerous metal plating and patina application steps, completing the Mixed Media process. Watch our video to see the step by step process of how our pieces are made.

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