Certified Taxidermy Appraisal Service

Certified Taxidermy Appraisal Service
Certified Taxidermy Appraisal Service
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Certified Taxidermy Appraisal Service

  • Insurance Companies and Home Owners. Timberline charges $100 per taxidermy mount.
  • Please email a image of the Mount and the Taxidermist company who mounted the trophy!
  • We also require what year the trophy was mounted.
  • Certified Taxidermy Appraiser

    Wildlife Taxidermy Trophy Collections are one of the largest investments that our clients own. The trophy collection should be documented to protect the assets of this collection. Being a "Certified Taxidermy Appraiser" we can document your collection and appraise it for proper protection. Without the lack of documentation your taxidermy mounts may not be covered with your home insurer. Being in the taxidermy field since 1980, over 30 years, we know how important your investment in your mounts is and how they should be protected. Protect your valuable trophies and preserve your investment. Provide your insurance company with a formal inventory and value of your trophies now.

  • You will receive written document from a respected taxidermy retailer on the value of your trophy mount if you were to ever try to sell it to a third party. With a formal appraisal in hand, you will not mistakenly sell the wildlife mount for less than its real value. Quite often, you will also receive a better deal than if you had sold it without documentation.

    1. What makes a great trophy. Obviously is the size of the trophy! Antlers,Horns,Size etc!

    2. What Taxidermy Service was used in the "Mounting Process" , Mounted "Wildlife Mounts" are not all the same. Techniques and materials do make a difference.

    3. How well the mounts have been taken care of over the years! Cigarette Smokers in the home etc!

    4. And especially how old the Taxidermy Mount is!

    5. Taxidermy Appraisals will be done within 48 hrs.

  • 1-800-948-4023

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