Fiberglass Fish Replicas

Fiberglass Fish Replicas - Brook Trout
Fiberglass Fish Replicas - Brook Trout
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Fiberglass Fish Replicas - Brook Trout
Fiberglass Fish Replicas

  • Species - Brook Trout
  • Length - 24"
  • Plaque Optional
  • Professionally Mounted
  • Realistic Freshwater Fish Wall Mount Replicas

    The species of fish commonly known as brook trout originates from the salmon family and inhabits clear, pure, clean water found in most freshwater streams, lakes, rivers and brooks; adding to the origin of its name. However, there are a few interesting a lesser-known facts associated with the brook trout.

    Fiberglass Fish Replicas

    Facts:Brook trout can inhabit a wide range of watersófrom large lakes to tiny mountain streamsóbut they require cold, clean water, and they are sensitive to poor oxygenation and acidity. The size, longevity, and feeding habits of the trout are dependent on such factors elevation, available forage, and water temperature. In small, Southern streams, individual fish rarely live longer than five years, are generally under 12 inches, and feed on aquatic insects. But those in large, northern lakes and rivers can grow to more than ten pounds; feed on insects and larger prey, such as minnows and mice; and can live for up to ten years.

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