Blue Winged Teal Mount

Blue Winged Teal Mount - Pair
Blue Winged Teal Mount - Pair
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Blue Winged Teal Mount

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  • Species: Blue Winged Teal Mount.
  • Includes Pair Mounted Waterfowl Taxidermy On Base.
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    Blue-winged teal inhabit shoreline more often than open water and prefer calm water or sluggish currents to fast water. They inhabit inland marshes, lakes, ponds, pools, and shallow streams with dense emergent vegetation. In coastal areas, breeding occurs in salt-marsh meadows with adjoining ponds or creeks.

    Blue Winged Teal Mount

    Facts: The population status of the Blue-winged Teal mirrors wetland conditions on the prairie breeding grounds. Populations dropped to a 40-year low in 1990 after several dry years, but in the decade following numbers more than doubled. This suggests that long-term wetland degradation on the prairies had not irreversibly damaged teal breeding habitat. Like other prairie-nesting ducks, the local productivity of a population is strongly influenced by nest success and probably brood survival.

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