Blackbuck Antelope Mount

Blackbuck Antelope Mount
Blackbuck Antelope Mount
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Blackbuck Antelope Mount

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  • Average Size: W. 14″ D. 18″ H. 34″
  • This Blackbuck Antelope Mount For Sale is newly mounted by a professional taxidermist using the most modern procedures today for the finest mount possible.

    Blackbuck antelope are one of the smallest antelope species of the exotic breeds. Mature males differ in appearance greatly from that of females. As males age, their coloration graduates from a light tan at birth to dark brown, almost black, at 5 to 6 years of age and older. These older males exhibit a striking contrast in color with their bright white bellies, muzzle, and "eyebrows". Females and young have similar white markings to males with main coat color being tan.

    Blackbuck Antelope Mount

    Tend to inhabit open grasslands and are primarily diurnal. Considered one of the fastest animals in the world. Their keen eye sight and blazing speeds are its main protection against predators. When alarmed, the herd disperses in high leaps and bounds, then breaks off into a quick gallop. Males use horns in displaying rituals to attract females and fighting for breeding rights during the rut. Males will lock horns and push against each other until one male concedes defeat. Playful sparring occurs much in the same way, but lacking intensity.

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