Bighorn Sheep Horns

Bighorn Sheep Horns - Cast
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Bighorn Sheep Horns - Cast
Bighorn Sheep Horns

  • Horns Created from Resin! Very Lifelike in texture and form
  • Scores 198 1/8
  • Requires 6 weeks from order

    This magnificent Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep is the Colorado State Record! It earned this title with bases of 16 4/8" and 16 3/8" and it holds that amazing mass even out to its second circumferences, which are exactly the same. Horns extend out to 40 1/8" and 41 2/8", and the greatest spread is 23". Put it all together, and this sheep is a one of a kind trophy! Also shown with a skull, available at additional pricing. Shipping weight: Approx: 24 pounds.

    Bighorn Sheep Horns

    WHAT ARE HORNS MADE OF? Antlers and horns are made of the finest quality polyurethane resin available. Not all polyurethanes are the same. Lesser quality resins tend to be inconsistent, discolor easily to UV rays, are brittle and break easily. The resin we have found is shipped halfway across America because this type is the best suited to our purposes. It is durable, resists breakage and accepts color very well, producing consistent superior results.

    Ships within 6 weeks on Bighorn Sheep Horns For Sale

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