Bison Coat For Sale

Bison Coat For Sale
Bison Coat For Sale
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Bison Coat For Sale

  • Genuine Buffalo Full Length Fur Coat
  • Professionally Handmade
  • Made In USA
  • Made From Heavy Furred Montana Winter Robes

    Bison Coat For Sale

    Prepare yourself for the elements in a big way. Our full-length buffalo fur coats are absolutely one-of-a-kind and in such high demand that we can't even keep them in stock! Leather hook-and-loop closures with elk horn buttons seal the coat, with an ample collar for maximum warmth.

    Our genuine Buffalo Fur Coat in a Full Length silhouette is a tough defense against even the coldest winter. Professionally handmade out of the finest materials available, these coats are in high demand among people who understand how to properly protect themselves from harsh outdoor elements. Elk horn buttons and leather hook-and-loop closures close the coat for a tight seal. The generous collar holds the bodys warmth in while keeping ice-cold air out. Made in the USA, the Buffalo Fur Coat Full Length is a smart investment available in mens coat sizes 42 through 58.

    Ships in 6 weeks on Bison Coat For Sale

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