Grizzly Bear Rugs

Grizzly Bear Rugs
Grizzly Bear Rugs
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Grizzly Bear Rugs
Grizzly Bear Rugs

  • Tanned and Mounted on Felt Backgound
  • Average size 6'
  • Comes in Black and Brown Color Variations
  • Comes with Felt Backing and Border.

    These beautifully Mounted Grizzly Bear Skin Rugs will make a great attraction and conversation piece to your fireplace,game room or great room!

    In the mounting process only natural parts of the animal used are the antlers and the skin. All of the other organs and tissues are recreated with man-made materials. The eyes are made from glass, the eyelids are sculpted from clay, the soft tissues of the nose and mouth are sculpted from epoxy or wax, and the mannikin or "form" (which incorporates the anatomy of each muscle and vein) is made from polyurethane foam.

    Grizzly Bear Rugs

    The grizzly bear is a subspecies of the North American brown bear. Grizzly bears are found throughout much of inland Alaska, portions of northern and western Canada, as well as isolated regions in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. The grizzly is a large carnivore weighing up to 750 lbs. This species feeds on large prey such as moose, elk, and deer in addition to carrion and smaller mammals.

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