Bear Heads

Bear Heads - 001
Bear Heads - 001
Item# BHT-001
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Bear Heads

  • Size: 15 x 15H
  • Professionally Mounted
  • Requires wall stud and 2 1/2" lag bolt to hang.

    These American Black Bear Mounts will make a great attraction and conversation piece to your storefront, game room or great room! They will for sure draw a crowd!

    Bear Heads

    The current range of black bears in the United States is constant throughout most of the northeast (down in the Appalachian Mountains almost continuously to Virginia and West Virginia), the northern midwest, the Rocky mountain region, the west coast and Alaska. However it becomes increasingly fragmented or absent in other regions. Despite this, black bears in those areas seems to have expanded their range during the last decade, such as with recent sightings in Ohio, though these probably do not represent stable breeding populations yet. Surveys taken from 35 states in the early 1990s indicate that black bears are either stable or increasing, except in Idaho and New Mexico. The overall population of black bears in the United States has been estimated to range between 339,000 and 465,000, though this excludes populations from Alaska, Idaho, South Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming, whose population sizes are unknown.

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