Barren Ground Caribou Mount

Barren Ground Caribou Mount
Barren Ground Caribou Mount
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Barren Ground Caribou Mount

  • Real Authentic Caribou Skin & Antlers
  • Approx Overall Size:60"Tall x 48"Wide
  • Professionally Mounted
  • State:Canada
  • Ships In 8-10 weeks

    Barren-ground caribou are members of the deer family. In the fall, mature male barren-ground caribou have a striking white neck and mane and a distinct band along the flank separating the brown back from the white belly. Their colours are more faded during the winter. Compared to boreal caribou and northern mountain caribou, barren-ground caribou are smaller with shorter legs and a shorter face. Compared to Peary caribou and Dolphin and Union caribou, barren-ground caribou are larger and the velvet covering their antlers is brown instead of grey.

    Barren Ground Caribou Mount

    Barren-ground caribou in the NWT form nine herds: Porcupine, Tuktoyaktuk Peninsula, Cape Bathurst, Bluenose-West, Bluenose-East, Bathurst, Beverly, Ahiak, and Qamanirjuaq. The national assessment of barren-ground caribou as Threatened includes the Porcupine herd but the NWT assessment and listing do not.

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