Antlers & Horns For Sale

Antlers  Horns For Sale

Having your own place means you get to decorate it to reflect your personal style. For some people, this might include showcasing a hobby or collection. But while hanging framed art on the walls and displaying precious figurines in a glass china cabinet is a common way to decorate, hunters and collectors alike have popularized using taxidermy animal mounts to add to the aesthetics of a room. Before moving forward, here are important things to consider when decorating your home or trophy room with animal mounts: What size and what animal horns and antlers will I use , and in what area? We have an extensive collection of antlers and horns for sale!

Antler Décor Ideas
Antlers are perfect to add a rustic touch to any interior, they bring somewhat noble vibes. Frame up a mirror with antlers; make console table legs of antlers. Antlers for decorating can be turned into candle holders or whole candelabras, they are perfect for creating cabin-style chandeliers and lamps. Add them to wreaths, garlands, centerpieces, wind chimes to make your home décor cozier and comfier. Antlers blended with flowers and pumpkins or moss balls are ideal for any fall centerpiece, even for such occasions as weddings. Deer Antlers will bring a cozy fall modern touch to your interior, and many spaces look good with them.