Animal Skin Rugs

Animal Skin Rugs - Gemsbok
Animal Skin Rugs - Gemsbok
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Animal Skin Rugs

  • Average Size: 72x52
  • Professionally Tanned
  • Gemsbok Skin From South Africa

    Gemsbok are light brownish-grey to tan in colour, with lighter patches to the bottom rear of the rump. Their tails are long and black in colour. A dark brown stripe extends from the chin down the bottom edge of the neck through the join of the shoulder and leg along the lower flank of each side to the brown section of the rear leg.

    Animal Skin Rugs

    Facts: Gemsbok are mainly desert-dwelling and do not depend on drinking to supply their physiological water needs, but many of the northern Gemsbok live in open grasslands where water is readily available. The only outward difference between males and females is their horns, and many hunters mistake females for males each year. In males, these horns are perfectly straight, extending from the base of the skull to a slight outward and rearward angle.

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