Antelope Head Mount - Pronghorn

Antelope Head Mount - Pronghorn
Antelope Head Mount - Pronghorn
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Antelope Head Mount - Pronghorn
Antelope Head Mount - Pronghorn

  • These Pronghorn Antelope Taxidermy Mounts will make a great attraction and conversation piece to your fireplace or great room!
  • Average Antelope Mount Shown
  • This is an example of the pronghorn mount that you will receive - To request and image of the actual mount that we will ship you, please call us or email a request!
  • From Wyoming and Montana
  • Average Size:13 inch horns

    Fleet-footed pronghorns are among the speediest animals in North America. They can run at more than 53 miles (86 kilometers) an hour, leaving pursuing coyotes and bobcats in the dust. Pronghorns are also great distance runners that can travel for miles at half that speed.

    Antelope Head Mount - Pronghorn

    Pronghorns are about three feet (one meter) tall at the shoulders. They are reddish brown, but feature white stomachs and wide, white stripes on their throats. When startled they raise the hair on their rumps to display a white warning patch that can be seen for miles.

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