Antique Bear Trap - Reproduction

Antique Bear Trap - Reproduction
Antique Bear Trap - Reproduction
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Antique Bear Trap

  • Working Bear Trap - Grizzly
  • 46" Long
  • 48 Lbs

    These Old Time Grizzly Bear Traps will make a great attraction and conversation piece to your storefront, game room or great room! They will for sure draw a crowd!

    The HBC #6 bear trap. This new #6 is unbelievably large. It weighs a whopping 48 pounds, is 46" long, and has a jaw spread of 17". The chain has a swivel and a large ring just like the old traps. This is not a weak facsimile, each spring compresses at 500 lbs. The pan reads HBC #6, American Fur and Trade Co. The pan is so large it looks like a small fry pan.

    Antique Bear Trap

    A commonly mooted point among hunters of big game in the West is whether the early hunters and trappers after the grizzly bear did not exaggerate Old Ephraim’s ferocious ways, his terrifying aspect, and his extraordinary endurance, or whether the of to-day is a degenerate scion of a powerful sire. All hunters after western big game agree their is a wide difference in temper, stature and ferocity between Old Ephraim as hunted to-day and the grizzled old fellow that used to appear in thrilling Western fiction, and of which Kit Carson, Jim Bridges, and other plainsmen told so thrillingly in other days.

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