American Bison Hides

American Bison Hides
American Bison Hides
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American Bison Hides

  • Very Heavy Winter Fur Robes
  • From Montana & Wyoming
  • These Buffalo Hides (Regular Size) will average 35'square ft. Or 5'x6' to 6'x7'. (X Large) will average 45 sq ft.
  • Professionally Tanned

    These buffalo robes come from ranches in Montana,Wyoming and North Dakota. The best buffalo hides are harvested in December and January, when cold weather makes for the "Thickest of Winter Robes." Great for bed spreads, wall hanging or covering up with on those cold winter evenings.

    American Bison Hides

    Facts: Bison, symbolic animals of the Great Plains, are often mistakenly called buffaloes. By any name, they are formidable beasts and the heaviest land animals in North America. Despite their massive size, bison are quick on their feet. When the need arises they can run at speeds up to 40 miles (65 kilometers) an hour. They sport curved, sharp horns that may grow to be two feet (61 centimeters) long.

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