African Lion Rug

African Lion Rug
African Lion Rug
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African Lion Rug
African Lion Rug

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  • African Game Trophies
  • Average African Lion Size: 8'-10' in length.
  • Every African Lion Hide For Sale comes with a double felt trim and mounted with open mouth.

    The lion has forever been a symbol of strength, power and ferocity. During WWF tours to Africa, seeing the majestic species up-close is sure to be a spine-tingling experience.

    African Lion Rug

    African Lion Facts: Most adult male lions, however, live alone or in small "bachelor" groups, not bold enough or strong enough to take on established males. And pride leaders themselves, worn down from constant battles, will eventually succumb to a stronger rival or rivals and retreat back to a solitary lifestyle.African lions roam the grasslands and vast savannas of central and south Africa, The smaller, lighter colored Asiatic lion lives in the jungles of south Asia in very small numbers.

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