African Lion Mount

African Lion Mount - 02A
African Lion Mount - 02A
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African Lion Mount

  • African Lion Taxidermy For Sale
  • Overall Size - 8 ft Long 40 Inches Tall
  • This Wildlife Mount For Sale is newly mounted by a professional taxidermist using the most modern procedures today for the finest mount possible

    The African lion is 7 feet to 8 ft long from its head to its rump, and its tail measures from 26.25 to 39.5 inches long. African lions typically weigh 265 to 420 lbs.

    African Lion Mount

    African Lion Facts: African lions live in Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Tanzania, the Central African Republic, South Sudan and other parts of sub-Saharan Africa. They wander a territory of 100 square miles (259 square kilometers), according to National Geographic. This territory consists of scrub, grasslands or open woodlands.

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