Eland Taxidermy Mounts

Eland Taxidermy Mounts - 905
Eland Taxidermy Mounts - 905
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Eland Taxidermy Mounts - 905
Eland Taxidermy Mounts

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  • Example of Taxidermy Mount Shipped
  • Professionally Mounted
  • Average Size: 20 x 45
  • Requires wall stud and 2 1/2" lag bolt to hang

    These African Game Trophies will make a great attraction and conversation piece to your fireplace,game room or great room! They will for sure draw a crowd!

    Eland Taxidermy Mounts

    Facts: Elands are peaceful herbivores which populate the grasslands of Africa. These distant cousins of Antelopes once covered most of the African Continent. Elands, though mostly peaceful, exhibit a raging behaviour, specially the males, at the time of competing for leadership of the herd, as well as, for mating the females. This rage even complements their strong built and enormous strength with which they, at times, bring down trees to graze the tender leaves off the upper portions.

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